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Warranty Policy


Is there a warranty for AVA Byte?

Yes! your AVA Byte comes with a limited 1-year warranty to be free of defects in materials or workmanship under normal home use for one year from the date of purchase. You can find the warranty below in both English and French. Proof of purchase and serial number is required for any warranty claims. 

What does the 1-year limited warranty cover?


Manufacturer's Warranty Applies?

Device Not Turning On or Off


Device Not Taking Pictures


Missing Pieces


LED Malfunctions


Wi-Fi Connectivity


Accidental Overfilling of Water Reservoir


App Connection


Normal Wear and Tear


Failure to Adhere to User Manual or Improper Use


Defaced or Removed Serial Numbers


Accidental Damage


Improper maintenance or storage


Damaged by circumstances beyond AVA’s control


Loss or Damage to Removable Parts


Modified parts or pods unauthorized or repaired by anyone other than AVA


  • Note: if you experience a problem or have questions email support@avagrows.com. Please be sure to specify the model number and serial number found on the label located on the base of your unit.

How do I determine the warranty period of my Product? 

The warranty period specified for the AVA Byte will be for a period of one year from the shipment date sold by AVA Technologies Inc. If you would like to read the full warranty policy, please see Warranty Information

If the product was a gift is it still covered under warranty?

Yes. As long as the conditions still apply (i.e. the individual who gifted it to you did not tamper with the device in any way), your gifted product will be under the limited 1-year warranty policy. 

What is the warranty for a replacement product (if applicable)?

If you received a replacement device, the warranty of that device is the same as the standard warranty. That is, the 1-year warranty period will begin when the replacement is shipped to you.

Is the warranty transferrable?

Yes, the warranty is transferrable. However, the warranty is still based on the original shipment date of the product to the original owner. If you purchased from a retailer, then the date of purchase from the retailer is the original shipment date, granted the retailer has not tampered with the product. Original proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

Is the warranty valid if I move out of the country in which I purchased my product?

The AVA Byte is only certified for use in Canada and the United States. If you move to a country outside of these regions and use the device in a non-certified country, AVA cannot cover any warranty claims.

What is the warranty for a purchased spare part?

If you have purchased a spare part for your AVA Byte, then the same 1-year warranty will apply to that part specifically.

How do I submit A warranty claim?

Please fill out this form. You will need the original proof of purchase (including order number or an email confirming purchase) and must specify the model number and serial number found on the label on the base of your unit. If you experience problems or have any questions, email AVA Customer Support.


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