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Water Level Float Troubleshooting

There is a small grey and white piece that is loose in the reservoir. What is it and how can I put it back?

This is the water level float. There should also be a small, grey, rectangular lid that fits into the top of the float chamber. Please watch the video below on how to put it back into place.


I do not see a blue light when filling my reservoir! How do I fix the water level sensor?

There are a couple of different reasons why this may happen:

  1. The pump may be disconnected from the device. If that is the case, the LED button on the top of your Byte will flash orange. Once the pump is reconnected, the orange flashing will stop. Check how to connect your pump properly here
  2. The water level float may not be in place. Ensure that the water level float is present inside the float chamber. Remove the small rectangular lid to check for the white and grey water level float sensor. If the chamber is empty, the water level float may be loose in your reservoir. To put the reservoir back in place, follow the video above. If you do not see the water level float at all, please email support@avagrows.com
  3. The water level float may be stuck at the bottom of the chamber. Open the lid of the float chamber on the rightmost side of the pump (with the reservoir logo facing you). Check if the float can move freely with the rising water level. Follow our video below or simply poke at the float to try to dislodge it. 


If you still do not see your LED button flash blue, try removing your reservoir from the base and reconnecting it.
If your reservoir is currently filled, it may already be at the right water level. As a reference point, use the faint max fill line on the inside of the reservoir. If you have no water in your reservoir and still do not see the blue flashing light, please email support@avagrows.com


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