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Set up - AVA Byte and App

How do I get the AVA Smart Garden App?

Go to the Apple App Store on iOS devices (iOS 10 and up), or go to the Google Play Store on Android devices (version 5.0 and up). Search for “AVA Smart Garden,” download the app, and get growing!

You can log into the app by making an account or logging in through your Facebook, Google, or Apple ID account.


How do I connect my Garden to the app?

Here is our App setup guide App User Manual. You can also watch a video tutorial here

While setting the garden, if you select the start time in the future the device will start in the same day. If you select the start time in the past the device will start the next day at that time.

Once you select your start time, you will not be able to change the start time.

If you are having issues with getting the device to connect to Wi-Fi, go to our Wi-Fi Connectivity page. The red light will blink if there are issues.


How do I know if my AVA Byte is connected to my Wi-Fi Network?

Scroll up from the main dashboard to check that your garden status says “Online.” This may take a couple of hours to update! If you notice your device has gone offline, not to worry, your device will continue to on with the recipe. To bring it back online, try a few things:

  • Check to see if your wifi is working.

  • If it is not working, try your usual troubleshooting tips, like power cycling the modem/router.

  • It will take some time to update that it is back online, so give it a few hours.

  • Move the device closer to the wifi for a day and see if that brings it back online 

    • It will take some time to update that it is back online, so give it a few hours).

  • Did you change your wifi credentials lately? This will affect the device’s ability to connect to the Internet.

    • If you did do this, please update your WiFi credentials via your device settings in the AVA Smart Garden App!


How do I scan my pod pack?

First, locate the QR code on the bottom of your pod pack sleeve. Scan the QR code when adding a new garden or when you press the “+” symbol on an empty pod on the garden homepage.


How do I add a new garden to my dashboard?

From your home screen, you will need to swipe up and go to the settings page. You will see the option to add a new device underneath your current gardens. Please follow the onscreen instructions for setting up your device! 

Remember to have your Wi-Fi credentials on hand and make sure you connect to your 2.4GHz network. 


How do I set up alerts and notifications?

The app will send you push notifications. This turns on when you connect your device to the AVA Smart Garden App. There are two ways to change your notification settings. You can turn off notifications during the initial device setup. Or you can go to your settings in the app and turn on/off notifications.

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