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App - Features and Compatibility

How do I get the AVA Smart Garden App?

Go to the Apple App Store on iOS devices (iOS 10 and up), or go to the Google Play Store on Android devices (version 5.0 and up). Search for “AVA Smart Garden,” download the app, and get growing! You can log into the app by making an account or logging in through your Facebook account, Google account or Apple ID.


Does it work on Android and iOS devices?

Yes, it is compatible with both iOS (iOS 10 and up) & Android (version 5.0 and up) operating systems.


Do I need to download the app for AVA Byte to work?

No, you do not need to download the app for the AVA Byte to work, however, we highly encourage it! The app provides useful data like water levels, light, temperature, humidity, and sends tips on how to maintain your plants. You can scan the pod packs provided to sync the device to the plants and get the optimized growing recipe for your plants. Then, you can keep track of harvest times, growing tips, and recipes. You can also add multiple gardens. If you do not have a smartphone and want to grow using the AVA Byte, then there is a default recipe that activates as soon as you plug the AVA Byte in. It takes about 1 minute for it to start and you can grow in offline mode. 


How many different users can connect to one device?

Only ONE user account can be connected to one device at a time. If someone else has connected their account to the device already, and another user adds that device after, the original user will be disconnected from the device and not receive updates.

If you would like to connect multiple people to a device, you can sign into the app under the SAME username/address. Please be sure to only share this information in a safe and secure manner. We suggest limiting it to the people in your household. 


What kind of tips and reminders will I get?

Germination: The app will help you watch for when your plants have sprouted! After 3 days, you will receive a reminder to remove the germination domes, which are designed to expedite the germination process.


Transplanting & Harvesting: The app will walk you through the different transplanting or harvesting options for your plants. The goal of our tips is to ensure that your transplanted plants continue to thrive and that your harvested plants are at their prime.


Byte Cleaning:Every month, the app will remind you to clean your Byte for optimal performance. Our easy-to-follow steps will guide you through the cleaning process to keep your garden fresh. 


Reservoir Refill: The app will remind you when to refill your reservoir based on the water level sensor. Your Byte should only require a refill every 2-4 weeks.


How many AVA Byte Gardens can I link under one account?

To allow for strong connectivity, we recommend only connecting up to 6 devices to the same Wi-Fi network at a time.


How do I delete a garden from my dashboard?

From your home screen, you will need to swipe up and go to the settings page. Then click the device settings of the garden you wish to delete from your account. At the bottom of the screen is the delete garden option. Click here and then click yes if you wish to delete the garden from your account.


How do I add a new garden to my dashboard?

From your home screen, you will need to swipe up and go to the settings page. You will see the option to add a new device underneath your current gardens. Please follow the onscreen instructions for setting up your device!

Remember to have your Wi-Fi credentials on hand and to make sure you connect to your 2.4G network.


How do I set up alerts and notifications?

The app will send you push notifications. This is automatically turned on when you connect your device to the AVA Smart Garden App. In order to change your notification settings, you can either turn off notifications during the initial device setup or go to your settings in the app and turn on/off notifications.


What information can the AVA app tell me about my AVA Byte?

  • When your plants are ready to harvest

  • When you need to add water and the current water level

  • The surrounding light intensity, temperature, and humidity levels

  • A photo gallery and timelapse that allows you to view your plants remotely

  • Harvest flows: how to plant, how to harvest, how to transplant, tutorials

  • When to clean your byte + how


Can I share the progress of my plants on social media directly from the app?

Yes, you can! From the main dashboard, swipe up and you can see the gallery. Click the view all on the right-hand side above the photos. You have two options:

  1. Share a timelapse (these are created every 30 days)

    • Click the timelapse line and find the timelapse you would like to share

    • Tap the icon to share or save it to your camera gallery

  2. Share a photo

    • Click the photos line and find the photo you would like to share

    • Tap the icon to share or save it to your camera gallery


I think I have found a bug, where can I report it?

If you have noticed a bug in the app, please send an email to support@avagrows.com with some more details. We are constantly working to improve our app so we may already be working on it. However, please bring it to our attention so we can improve your growing experience!


I have some suggestions or feedback on the AVA Smart Garden app, who should I speak with?

Exciting, we love user feedback! Please send an email to support@avagrows.com with some more details. We value our users' input and will make changes based on feedback and suggestions as best we can. Thank you for helping us (and others) to get growing!


Can I contact the customer service team through the app?

You can currently reach out to our customer support team through a form on the app. To do so, please go to your settings page, scroll to the bottom, and click the support option. Here you can access our FAQs or press the contact us option and fill out the form with your inquiry.

We are working on building features like live chat into the app. If you have any feedback on the in-app support, please share it with our support team!


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